Photo Gallery: Blues on the Fox- Saturday, June 20, 2015

Photos by Thomas J King Photography

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REP-9 REP-10 REP-11 REP-12 REP-13 REP-15 REP-16 REP-17 REP-19 REP-20 REP-23 REP-26 REP-29 REP-32 REP-34 REP-40 REP-42 REP-44 REP-47 REP-54 REP-56 REP-64 REP-69 REP-72 REP-73 REP-74 REP-75 REP-76 REP-77 REP-79 REP-81 REP-83 REP-86 REP-88 REP-89 REP-93 REP-94 REP-96 REP-102 REP-103 REP-104 REP-106 REP-110 REP-112 REP-114 REP-115 REP-120 REP-122 REP-129 REP-139 REP-147 REP-148 REP-153 REP-155 REP-162 REP-163 REP-168 REP-169 REP-172 REP-173 REP-174 REP-176 REP-177 REP-2 REP-3 REP-4 REP-5 REP-7 REP-8REP-178 REP-182 REP-183 REP-185 REP-188 REP-189 REP-192 REP-195 REP-199 REP-200 REP-203 REP-204 REP-207 REP-209 REP-212 REP-216 REP-217 REP-218 REP-225 REP-231 REP-237 REP-238 REP-241 REP-249 REP-251 REP-252 REP-254 REP-255 REP-256 REP-257 REP-258 REP-261 REP-264 REP-265 REP-267 REP-269 REP-273 REP-274 REP-276 REP-278 REP-279 REP-281 REP-284 REP-287  REP-291