Photo Gallery: Earth, Wind & Fire-Saturday, August 22, 2015

Photos by Thomas J King Photography

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EWF-92 EWF-73 EWF-77 EWF-80   EWF-1 EWF-4 EWF-5 EWF-6 EWF-7 EWF-8 EWF-9 EWF-10 EWF-11 EWF-12 EWF-13 EWF-14 EWF-15 EWF-16 EWF-17 EWF-18 EWF-19 EWF-21 EWF-22 EWF-24 EWF-41 EWF-45 EWF-46 EWF-47 EWF-48 EWF-49 EWF-50 EWF-51 EWF-52 EWF-53 EWF-54 EWF-55 EWF-56 EWF-57 EWF-58 EWF-59 EWF-60 EWF-61 EWF-62 EWF-63 EWF-64 EWF-65 EWF-66 EWF-67 EWF-68 EWF-69 EWF-70 EWF-71 EWF-72  EWF-74 EWF-75 EWF-76  EWF-78 EWF-79 EWF-81 EWF-82 EWF-83 EWF-84 EWF-85 EWF-86 EWF-87 EWF-88 EWF-89 EWF-90 EWF-91  EWF-93 EWF-94 EWF-95 EWF-99 EWF-100 EWF-106 EWF-109 EWF-110 EWF-111 EWF-112 EWF-117 EWF-122 EWF-125 EWF-133 EWF-193 EWF-135 EWF-140 EWF-142 EWF-144 EWF-150 EWF-197 EWF-152 EWF-155 EWF-157 EWF-162 EWF-163 EWF-166 EWF-182 EWF-187