Reserved Seating


You asked, and we listened. After surveying our patrons for the past few years, we’ve found that a majority of our patrons desire reserved seating. They prefer not to arrive hours early, load up bag chairs and blankets, haul them from the car and hurry into the park to grab their general admission spot. They want to simply head over to RiverEdge Park for an awesome night out. General admission seating will still be offered for patrons who prefer that experience. With both reserved seating and general admission, tickets will be available at multiple price points to meet any budget. Thank you for all your feedback. We’ll see you this summer.

I’d appreciate reserved seating and would expect to pay a little more for the convenience. I think giving people a choice of the type of seating would be an improvement to the overall experience.”


  1. Why is there reserved seating now? We surveyed our patrons and found that reserved seating would enhance the RiverEdge Park concert experience.
  2. What do the seats look like? There will be two types of seats: VIP Bravo seats & Ultimate flip up seats. The Bravo seats are padded, have cup holders and are closer to the stage. The Ultimate stadium flip up seats are a contoured plastic seat located behind the Bravo seats. Our own staff sat in and tested an array of seats and decided on these two versions as the most comfortable. These two types of seats have also been used at the U.S. Open, Coachella and NFL Stadiums.
  3. What are the benefits of buying a reserved seat?
    • You don’t have to bring a bag chair or worry about getting your bag chair checked through security.
    • You don’t have to line up hours early, because your reserved seat will be waiting for you.
    • There will be exclusive bars and mobile restrooms for the reserved seating section.
    • You don’t have to worry about saving or losing your seat when you go to the bathroom or get a drink.
  4. Do the seats have arm rests or cup holders? The front section of Bravo seats have arm rests and cup holders. The remaining seats do not.
  5. How many seats will there be? 3,757 seats
  6. Do I pick my own seat? Yes, when you buy your ticket, you pick your seat. That’s your reserved seat for the show. Some events may differ.
  7. What are the price of the seats? There will be multiple tiers of pricing for the seating section. Pricing varies by event.
  8. Does every seat have a view of the stage? Yes.
  9. Does every seat have a view of the video screen? No, only the seats farthest back will have a view of the video screen on the back of the sound tower.
  10. Is there a special entrance for reserved seating? Both reserved seating and general admission patrons have the convenience of entering through Gates 2, 3 and 4. Gate 1 will have limited access.
  11. Will this help with waiting in line at the gate? Since your seat is reserved, you don’t have to line up hours early to get first dibs on a spot. You’ll still have to go through security at the entrance gate, but if you don’t have a bag chair to bring through security, it will save some time getting checked in.
  12. Will there still be a general admission area for bag chairs and blankets? Yes, the general admission area is located behind the reserved seating section, including the grassy hill.
  13. Is the seating section covered? No, the entire park will remain open air.
  14. Can I sit in the skydeck? No, the skydeck is reserved for sponsors and not for sale.
  15. Are coolers allowed in the seating section? Yes, coolers will be allowed in the reserved seating section. Same cooler rules apply – 12″x12″x12″ soft coolers only. SEE ALL RULES
  16. Will there be ADA seating? Yes, there will be ADA seating within the reserved seating section in addition to three wheelchair platforms.
  17. Will there be an ADA only entrance? Yes, the ADA entrance will remain at Gate 2.

Please Note: Not all events will have reserved seating. Some events will remain all general admission.